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Alex. 23. Photographer. Dreamer. Lost.

I like cameras, travelling, lazy afternoons chilling with good music, the aroma of coffee, basking in golden evening rays, reading, staying under the blanket on cold mornings, , staring at sunsets, stoning at landscape scenery, sleep, outdoors, people watching, random nice paper notebooks, handwritten notes, smell of paper, ikea, talking to people and food.

This is an outlet where I rant off random thoughts, put up pictures arrested in my daily routine and share music that is worth sharing.

All photos are mine unless stated otherwise.
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'Genius is 1% Inspiration, 99% Perspiration' - Thomas Edison

c a n ’ t . c o n c e n t r a t e .

I’m going through a hell of a tough time now, it really ain’t easy.
I pray I have the brains, endurance, determination and strength to make it through.
I’m posting this just so that I remember these times when I look back.

It’s been a year since this day last year in Sweden.

Keep calm and live on.

Ok, I really need to purge these freaking thoughts out of my head.
I need to stay strong and push on.


Ok, sometimes I really have a hard time holding it together.
Now is one of those times. 

I hate my photos.
I think they really suck.

对 爱我的人别紧张

对 爱我的人别紧张





Can I just drop everything and scream, ‘I’M SO FUCKING TIRED’